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Episode 34 - 49   Mary and Burt’s marriage is in tethers over secrets and lies.  Danny loses his beloved Elaine.  Jody loses custody of his child.  Co...View Details

The Stephen Langford Interview   We are joined by the writer, director and producer Stephen Langford whose current writing on the excellent Creepshow ...View Details

February 1969 Episodes 681 - 700 ​ March 1969 Episodes 701 - 723   Maggie steps into Vickie's shoes.  Maggie falls in love with Barnabas.  David and A...View Details

DARK SHADOWS:  Interview with Stacy Poulos, Niece of Alex Stevens, The Werewolf of Dark Shadows   Alex Stevens (1936-2015) was a stuntman from New Yor...View Details

Season 2 Episodes 21 -28   Darrin knocks out a heavy weight champ.  Endora gives Tabitha a teddy bear that magically dances.  Endora gives Darrin thre...View Details

December 1968 Episodes 636 – 657   January 1969 Episodes 658 - 680   Jeff marries Vickie and then disappears.  Amy breaks out of Asylum and ends up at...View Details

David Selby joined us to talk about his career as a stage, film and television actor and his poetry and writing career.  He joins Vickie Rae and Jesse...View Details

Season 2 – Episodes 13 - 20   Endora gives a teddy bear to Darrin who thinks it maybe Larry.  Endora gives Darrin a statue that makes people tell the ...View Details

Season 5 is here and we have some great stuff coming your way as we celebrate our fifth year.  We thought we would start off our new season with a Get...View Details

November 1968 ​ Episodes 615 - 635   Barnabas is reburied.  Roger catches Eve and Jeff in an intimate moment.  Vickie and Jeff plan on getting married...View Details

Season 2.  Episodes 9 - 12   Samantha writes a play about the American Civil War.  Endora turns Darrin into an 8 year old boy.  Aunt Clara’s old boyfr...View Details

Born and raised in New York City, Marie Wallace found herself drawn to the footlights at an early age. She appeared in her first professional producti...View Details

Episodes 26 - 33 ​ Chester attempts suicide and goes to jail.  Chester gets bullied by Dutch.  Burt may or may not be having an affair.  Jodi moves in...View Details

October 1968 ​ Episodes 592 - 614   Adam tries to put Carolyn’s life force back into her body.  Adam goes a killing spree in Collinwood.  Nicholas sum...View Details

Season 2.  Episodes 5 - 8   Uncle Arthur makes a house call.  Samantha loses her powers after becoming ill.  Endora turns herself into a little girl a...View Details

September 1968 ​ Episodes 571 - 591   Elizabeth is obsessed with death.  Angelique has her teeth in all the sexy men.  Adam is waiting for his mate.  ...View Details

The Dinah Manoff Interview   Dinah Manoff was born in New York City, New York, to screenwriter Arnold Manoff and actress, director and writer Lee Gran...View Details

Season 2.  Episodes 1 – 4.   Samantha finds out she is pregnant.  Darren starts to neglect Samantha. Darren’s old army buddy is a victim of a 300 year...View Details

August 1968 ​ Episodes 549 - 570   Adam demands a woman.  Victoria gets kidnapped again.  Jeff Clark develops a jealous streak.  Two vampires are runn...View Details

Season 1.  Episodes 33 - 36.   Endora changes Darrin’s face.  Darrin blames Samantha for backing the wrong candidate.  Samantha helps promote Mario’s....View Details

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