February 1970

Episodes 941 - 960

March 1970

Episodes 961 - 982



The Leviathan storyline comes to the close as Barnabas comes to term with his vampirism.  Carolyn and Jeb get married and have the honeymoon from hell.  Bruno has a hair helmet.  Peter Bradford makes an appearance.  Shadow puppets give Jeb the willies.  Julia’s medicine can’t fix Barnabas.  Dark Shadows goes to parallel lines with Daphne Du Manier with a Rebecca storyline.  Barnabas uses the parallel room as his own personal theatre going experience.  Barnabas finally becomes part of parallel time.  Willy chains Barnabas back to the coffin. 


Opening Credits; Introduction (1.07); Firey Kitten Podcast Trailer (15.31); Out of the Shadows:   Scene One: The Leviathan Storyline (16.06); Scene Two:  Carolyn and Jeb (47.03); Scene Three:  Barnabas Vampire Curse (1:03.56); Scene Four: From Lovecraft to Du Manier (1:08.40); Into The Shadows (1:19.05); Character Breaks (1:36.06); With Nothing To Say Podcast Trailer (1:41.46); Tune In Next Time (1:42.16); Closing Credits (1:44.39)


Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert


Closing Credits – The Woman Before Me by Trisha Yearwood.  Taken from the album Trisha Yearwood.  Copyright 1992 MCA Records.


Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue


All Rights Reserved.  Used With Kind Permission.


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