August 1970

Episodes 1071 - 1091

September 1970

Episodes 1092 - 1113


We travel back to the present that is 1970.  Daphne makes an appearance with Gerard creating devastating effects.  A dollhouse shows us that maybe we are not in control of our lives as we once thought.  Sebastian finds himself in the middle of supernatural occurrences.  Julia escapes through the staircase of time.  The Barnabas/Maggie storyline takes a turn with a new vampire on the scene.   Julia goes back to 1840 and meets a much older Ben Stokes.


Special Thank You to Patrick McCray for stepping in. 


Opening Credits; Introduction (1.07); Into The Shadows:  Scene One- Back to the 70’s (5.56; Scene Two – The Daphne Effect  (59.01); Scene Three – The Youngsters Are At It Again (1:19.06); Scene Four – Let’s Foreshadow the 1840s (1:41.33); Scene Five – The Cure That Just Won’t Take  (1:52.21); Scene Six – Living It Up in 1840 (2:02.12); Shedding Some Light (2:19.00); Character Breaks (2:22.00); Tune In Next Time (2:26.41); Closing Credits (2:27.47)


Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert


Closing Credits – This Hell by Rina Samayama.  Taken from the upcoming album Hold That Girl.  Copyrights 2022 Dirt Records. 


Rina Samyama’s new album.  Hold That Girl out 02 September 2022.


Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue


All Rights Reserved.  Used with Kind Permission.


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