December 1969 

Episodes 894 - 917

January 1970

Episodes 918 - 940


Philip and Megan are at odds about child rearing.  Michael ages to Jeb.  Quentin forgets who he is and then remembers.  Amanda becomes a woman of the 1960’s.  Julia is suspicious of Barnabas’ behaviour.  David breaks a leg.  Carolyn gets closer to her father.  Paul Stoddard makes a dramatic return and exit.  Elizabeth looks good in black.  The Leviathan storyline takes over.



Opening Credits; Introduction (1.07); Out of the Shadows (17.17); Into The Shadows (18.23); Shedding Some Light – Scene 1: Leviathan Storyline (1:04.10); Scene 2: The Tate Portraits (1:42.29); Scene 3 – Quentin’s Storyline (1:59.28); Scene 4 – The Paul Stoddard Story (2:23.05); Morning Has Broken (2:39.51); Character Breaks (2:50.43);Tune In Next Time (3:06.29); Closing Credits (3:09.13)



Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert


Closing Credits:  Join Us For A Bite – by FNAF Sister Location, Song by JT Music.  Copyright 2016 JT Music.  Available on Spotify or purchase via Amazon Music.


Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue


All Rights Reserved.


All songs used by kind permission


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