April 1970

Episodes 983 - 1005

May 1970

Episodes 1006 - 1025


As we enter Parallel time, we find our selves in Rebecca storylines as Dark Shadows tries to emanate the Hitchcock classic with Maggie trying to fill the shoes of the dead wife.  Alexis/Angelique rework Edgar Allen Poe’s Tomb of Ligeia as Robert Louis Stephenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde storyline gets its own Dark Shadows twist.  We have a ghost of Dameon Edwards which no one knows the reasoning behind this odd twist and Barnabas gets involved and screws up everyone’s storylines as he can’t seem to get over Josette again.  All this and more from Dark Shadows. 


We are joined by Patrick McCray. 



Opening Credits; Introduction (01.08); Firey Kitten Podcast (17.13);  Into The Shadows:  Scene One  Curtis Does Hitchcock’s Rebecca (17.46); Scene Two – AngeliqueAlexis – Which Witch Is Which (35.08); Scene Three – Curtis does Robert Louis Stephenson (57.49); Scene Four – And Then There Is This (1:25.24); Scene Five – Barnabas is Stuck on Repeat (1:43.01); (); Morning Has Broken (1:55.25); Character Breaks Tune In Next Time (2:10.41); Nothing To Say Podcast (2:44.42) Closing Credits (2:25.12); End Credits (2:26.06)



Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert


Closing Credits – Monsters and Angels by Voice of the Beehive.  Taken from the album Honey Lingers.  Copyright 1991, London Records.


Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue


All Rights Reserved.


All songs used by Kind Permission.


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