June 1970

Episodes 1026 - 1047

July 1970

Episodes 1048 - 1070



Alexis/Angelique saga continues as tries to get rid of Maggie and step into her sister’s shoes, literally.  Quentin still grumpy and jumping from one girl to the next.  Maggie gets accused of witchcraft and gets kidnapped again.  The Jekyll and Hyde storyline comes to a close.  The Hoffman gets rid of the maid and comes into parallel time as herself.  The Rebecca storyline comes to an end.  Barnabas and Julia find themselves in 1994 and everyone has gone mad.  The ghost of Daphne makes an appearance as we step back into time in parallel time. 


Opening Credits; Introduction (1.07); Into The Shadows:  Scene One- The Saga of Angelique (14.01); Scene Two – The Perils of Maggie (24.12); Scene Three – A Tale of Two Hoffmans (42.03); Scene Four – Who Is Doing The Murdering (48.02); Scene Five – Steal A Body – Get A New Character (53.47); Scene Six – Snap Into 1995 (1:02.52); Shedding Some Light (1:20.30); Character Breaks (1:26.40); Tune In Next Time (1:31.02); Closing Credits (1:32.39)


Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert

You Must Love Me – Elena Rogers – Original Broadway Argentina Revial Cast – Evita – Original Cast Recording. Copyright 2012 – Masterworks Broadway Records


Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue


All Rights Reserved.


Used by Kind Permission.


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