Book:  Alice in Wonderland

            By Lewis Carroll

Film:  Alice in Wonderland (1951)


Released in 1865 by author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson using the pseudonym Lewis Carroll would be instant success.  The book has never been out of print and has influence the fantasy genre.  Considered one of the best examples of literary nonsense playing with logic which makes it fun for adults and children alike.


A financial failure upon its released, it has later become very successful through television premiere on the Wonderful World of Disney and its release due to the psychedelic generation who cherished the film.  It is considered one of the best adaptions of the classic novel.  It was one of the first videos offered on the newly home video market in the late 80’s.


Opening Credits; Introduction (.51); ; Forming the Plot (4.44); Plot Synopsis (6.02); Book Thoughts (11.50); Introducing a Film (1:27.07); Film Trailer (1:29.00);  Lights, Camera, Action (1:30.59); Difference Between Page and Screen (2:05.55); End Credits (2:10.55); Closing Credits (2:12.27)


Opening Credits:  Classical Jingle by Dan Hughes


Closing Credits – Wonderland by Anson Seabra– taken from the album Welcome to Wonderland.   Copyright 2018 Anson Seabra


Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. 


All rights reserved.  Copyright reserved.

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