Book:  Robinson Crusoe

            By Daniel DeFoe

Film:  Robinson Crusoe (1954)


Published in 1719, the novel firstly was published under the name Robinson Crusoe leading many people to think the story was real and the book was a travelogue about incidents.  It was the beginning of the realistic novel and gave birth to modern fiction.


Directed by Luis Brunel in 1954 and starring Dan O’Herlihy who was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor, the film is considered one of the first survival films.  The film deals with a man who loses his mind and finds companionship as his only salvation.  Many of the crew were sick from malaria and dysentery causing numerous delays upon its release and filming.  Jaimie Fernandez spoke no English and learned on set at the same time his character Friday did.


Opening Credits; Introduction (.51); ); Forming the Plot (5.03); Plot Synopsis (06.49); Book Thoughts (15.05); Introducing a Film (1:10.07); Film Trailer (1:11.09);  Lights, Camera, Action (1:12.56);; Final Thoughts (1:40.04); End Credits (1:44.45); Closing Credits (1:46.53)


Opening Credits:  Classical Jingle by Dan Hughes


Closing Credits – Civilization (Bong Bong Bong I Don’t Want to Leave the Congo)  by The Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye.  Copyright 1947 Decca Records


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