August 1969

Episodes 810 - 830

September 1969

Episodes 831 - 855


Tim Shaw appears with a show girl.  The hand finds a home back to its owner.  Count Petofi is the harbinger of death.  We go back to the present.  Lady Kitty comes to call and live with the family.  Barnabas is in peril.


Opening Credits; Introduction (1.08); Out of the Shadows (23.11); Into The Shadows:  Scene 1: Quentin’s Story (1:07.09); Scene 2: Count Petofi’s Story (1;24.02); Scene 3: Magda’s Story(1:39.07); Scene 4: Amanda’s Story (1:47.50); Scene 5: Barnabas and Julia’s Story (2:02.26); Shedding Some Light (2:21.03); Character Breaks (2:33.13); Tune In Next Time (2:42.20); Closing Credits (2:43.48)


Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert


Closing Credits – Pie di Te (I Won’t Tell) by Mina from the album Studio Uno.  Copyright 1965 PSP Italy


Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue


All Rights Reserved.


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