June 1969
Episodes 766 - 786

July 1969
Episodes 787 - 809
Dirk turns into a vampire.  Magda goes a field trip to the king of the gypsies.  A severed hand gets a storyline.  Aristede enters the grounds.  Count Petofi comes to call.  Quentin has a werewolf picture done.  Poe and Wilde get plagiarised 

Opening Credits; Introduction (1.05); Out of the Shadows (17.36); Lara Segment Recollection (43.07 ); INTO THE SHADOWS - Scene One (52.06); Scene Two (1:06.57); Scene Three (1:34.17); Scene Four (1:56.27); Scene Five (2:02.27); Morning Has Broken (2:31.21); Character Breaks (2:40.54); Tune In Next Time (2:50.52); Closing Credits (2:52.24)

Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert

Closing Credits  - Put Your Hand In The Hand – by Ocean from the album Put Your Hand In The Hand.  Copyright 1971 Kama Sutra Records
Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue
All Rights Reserved.
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