Season 2 Episode 38
Season 3 Episode 1 – 7

Tabitha uses her magic for the first time. Aunt Clara comes to babysit unaware that Tabitha is using her magic. Tabitha is discovered to be a powerful witch and Aunt Hagatha and Enchantra along with Endora wish her to go to private witch school. Aunt Clara accidentally turns Larry’s son into twins. Darrin’s supposed long term friend comes to visit and gets turned into a wood nymph. Endora becomes annoyed by Uncle Arthur. Endora zaps a house into the vacant lot to throw a Halloween party.

We are joined by Jim Nemeth.

Opening Credits; Introduction (.38); Bewitching Going Ons (8.39); Season 2: Episode 38: Prodigy (8.39); Season 3: Episode 1: Nobody’s Perfect (18.52); Episode 2: The Moment of Truth (35.22); Episode 3: Witches and Warlocks are my Favourite Things: (44.48 ); Episode 4: Accidental Twins: (56.12); Episode 5: A Most Unusual Wood Nymph (1:05.20); Episode 6: Endora Moves In For a Spell (Part 1) (1:17.07); Episode 7: Twitch or Treat (Part 2) (1:34.14 ); Witch or Mortal (1:43.49); The Bewitching Hour (1:47.37); End Credits (1:51.05); Closing Credits (1:52.44)

Opening Credits– Theme Song from Bewitched Television Show by Jack Keller.

Incidental Music – by Jack Keller. Copyright owned by Screen Gems.

Closing Credits – Jingle Bells by Andrew Sisters and Bing Crosby. Taken from the album Christmas with the Andrew Sisters and Bing Crosby. Copyright 1943 Decca Records.


All songs used by permission.


All songs available on Amazon.

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