April 1969
Episodes 723 - 743

May 1969
Episodes 744 - 765

Zombie Quentin passes out. Reverend Trask makes a comeback. Laura Collins comes back to do her storyline in colour. Angelique comes back to wreak havoc. Laura wants to burn up her kids. Werewolf is running amok. Barnabas and Magda need to stop the werewolf.

Opening Credits; Introduction (1.06); Out of the Shadows (10.52); Into The Shadows Pt 1: (36.17); Into the Shadows Pt 2 (41.42); Into the Shadows Pt 3 (51.15); Into the Shadows Pt 4 (1`:08.36); Into the Shadows Pt 5 (1:15.46); Into the Shadows Pt 6 (1:26.55); Into the Shadows Pt 7 (1:33.05); Shedding Some Light (1:37.07); Character Breaks (1:49.08); Morning Has Broken (1:55.34); Closing Credits (1:56.52)

Opening and Closing Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert

Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue

Closing Credits: Different by Cass Elliott taken from the album Pufnstuf original film soundtrack. Copyright 1969 Ringosoundtrack

All Rights Reserved.

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