Season 2:  Episodes 29 – 37


Samantha disappears intermittently.   Samantha gets blackmailed by a private detective for using her powers.  Samantha mistakes a hobo to be Darrin’s Uncle Albert.  Endora gives the world two Darrins – a serious one and a fun side one.  A teenage warlock falls in love with Samantha.  The private detective arrives again to blackmail Samantha and Darrin.  Endora sends Samantha and Darrin back in time to see if Darrin would have married Samantha if he knew ahead of time if she was a witch.  Darren thinks Samantha’s magic got him the perfume account.


Opening Credits; Introduction (.35); Bewitching Going Ons; Season 2: Episode 29: Disappearing Samantha (12:57); Episode 30: Follow That Witch (Part 1) (19.44); Episode 31: Follow That Witch (Part 2) (27.40); Episode 32: A Bum Raps  (31.35); Episode 33: Divided He Falls (38.48); Episode 34: Man’s Best Friend (49.01); Episode 35: The Catnapper (57.54); Episode 36: What Every Young Man Should Know (1:05.56); Episode 27:  The Girl With The Golden Nose (1:14.35); Witch or Mortal (1:30.09); The Bewitching Hour (1:37.31); End Credits (1:42.21); Closing Credits (1:42.52)


Opening Credits– Theme Song from Bewitched Television Show by Jack Keller.  Copyright owned by Screen Gems.


Closing Credits – Everybody Wants To Be A Cat by The Stretchy Legs Big Band– from the motion picture Aristocats.  2019 Sketchy Leg Big Band Productions. 


All rights reserved.


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