Episode 34 - 49


Mary and Burt’s marriage is in tethers over secrets and lies.  Danny loses his beloved Elaine.  Jody loses custody of his child.  Corrine’s baby is possessed.  Burt gets abducted by aliens.  Billy gets involved with a cult.  Dutch and Eunice go on the lam.  Chester is dead and Jessica starts a new relationship. 


Opening Credits/Introduction (1.14); Out of the Shower:  Chester (09.07); Jodie (15.13); Dutch and Eunice (29.26); Corrine and Tim (35.40); Mary and Burt (47.16); Danny and Elaine (53.36); Jessica (1:01.36); Billy (1:12.37); Burt (1:25.01); Into The Tub (1:37.51); Washing the Dirt Away (1:39.57); Closing Credits (1:49.59); Closing Theme (1:51.02)


Opening Credits:  Soap Theme by George  Aliceson Tipton


Closing Credits:    Alien Abduction Probe by Hayseed Dixie taken from the album Killer Grass.  Copyrighted 2010 Cooking Vinyl


All Rights Reserved. 


All original incidental music opened and copyrighted by the LLPodcast Productions.


All songs available through Amazon.

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