The Stephen Langford Interview


We are joined by the writer, director and producer Stephen Langford whose current writing on the excellent Creepshow brought to you by Shudder discusses his career. 

Stephen Langford is an entertainment industry veteran, having written and produced for Warner Brothers Television, ABC and Sony Television. Along the way he has written for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as well as writing producing and directing the movie Warm Blooded Killers. His film Lovewrecked was a hit on ABC Family in 2007 and is still playing in an expanded run in theaters overseas.

Stephen has written or produced over one hundred and fifty hours of prime-time television. Among his credits are Family Matters, Malcolm and Eddie, and Saved By The Bell. His latest produced film is "The Nanny Express" which is running on the Hallmark Channel.

Langford grew up in the Boston area and later attended Emerson College where he received a Bachelor of Science in Film. After college, he began working in the motion picture field working for such film directors as Sidney Lumet and Joel Schumacher.

Stephen's Producer credits include Warm Blooded Killers, Silent Lies,

Dream Factory Entertainment benefits greatly from having such talent on its executive team. Mr. Langford is passionate about his contribution to Dream Factory and holding up standards of excellence for every product that carries his name and the Dream Factory brand.


Closing Theme:  That’s How You Write A Song by Alexander Rybak, Single Release – Eurovision – Copyright 2018 Alexander Rybak

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