Scanners (1981)


Directed by David Cronenberg and one of the first films made in Canada to compete in the international and American market.  It would bring Cronenberg and his use of controversial body horror to a mainstream audience.  The film deals with scanners who have psychokinetic abilities and how the government wants to use them as weapons and one man’s fight against the government.  The film although filmed in Canada would have an American feel.  Dick Smith (The Exorcist, Amadeus) would provide the special effects and make up.  The film would lead to two sequels, two spin off films and a proposed television series currently in predevelopment.

Videodrome (1983)


This science fiction body horror film directed by David Cronenberg would be his first film with Hollywood backing and finance.  Set in Toronto during the early 1980s, it follows the CEO of a small UHF television station who stumbles upon a broadcast signal featuring violence and torture. The layers of deception and mind-control conspiracy unfold as he uncovers the signal's source, and loses touch with reality in a series of increasingly bizarre hallucinations.  Rick Baker (American Werewolf in London) would handle the special effects.  James Woods was a big fan of Cronenberg and met with him in Beverley Hills which would lead to him being cast.


We are also joined by James Wosochlo, author of Appalachian:  Schaumboch's Tavern.   You can follow him at his website:


We are also joined by Craig Johnson, Craig’s World and Dayvid Grant coming over from our Book to Screen: Kings of Horror Episodes


Opening Credits/Introduction (1.51); Oh My GOD!!! (17.57); Scanners Trailer (19.26); That Is Like So Tubular (21.31); It Is Totally Rad (51.15);  Videodrome Trailer (52.55); Bodacious Talk (54.50); Such A Wastoid (1:39.06); End Credits (2:00.07); Closing Theme (2:02.07)


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Closing Credits – Sex (I’m A…) by Berlin.  Taken from the album Pleasure Victim.  Copyright 1982 – Enigma Records, M.A.O. Records   


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