Book:  Moby Dick

            By Herman Melville

Film:  Moby Dick (1956)


Released in 1851, the story is told from the point of Ismael, who tells the tale of Captain Arab’s obsession on revenge on a great white whale.  A failure upon its release until William Faulkner and D H Lawrence gave it the title the Great American Novel that the book was re-released and considered a classic.  In Melville’s lifetime, the book only sold 3,200 copies but has since then sold approximately 1million copies a year. 


The John Huston directed with screenplay by Huston and Ray Bradbury, the film stars Gregory Peck, Richard Baseheart and Leo Genn.  The critics classified this as an instant classic upon its release.  Steven Spielberg wanted to use footage from the film for Jaws but Gregory Peck declined saying he was unhappy with his performance.   


Opening Credits; Introduction (.51);  Forming the Plot (12.40); Plot Synopsis (13.51); Book Thoughts (19.58); Final Thoughts of the Book (1:02.02); Introducing a Film (1:08.31); Film Trailer (1:09.05);  Lights, Camera, Action (1:12.19); Review of Classic Novels – End of Season 4 (1:34.33);; End Credits (1:46.03); Closing Credits (1:47.38)


Opening Credits:  Classical Jingle by Dan Hughes


Closing Credits – Down With The Ship by Todd Rundgren and Rivers Cuomo – taken from the forthcoming album Space Force.   Copyright 2021 Cleopatra Records


Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. 


All rights reserved.  Copyright reserved.


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