Book:  The Picture of Dorian Gray

             By Oscar Wilde

Film:  The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)


First published in 1890 in the Lippincott’s Monthly magazine, this Gothic philosophical story offended England upon its release due to its lack of moralistic value.  500 words were excised from the text by the magazine editor and Wilde himself would be forced or face a jail sentence to take out certain scenes which would corrupt the moral majority 


The 1945 American horror film directed by Albert Lewin and starring George Saunders, Donna Reed, Peter Lawford and Angela Lansbury in her first American film role.  Two paintings of Dorian Gray were used with the second is in the Art Institute in Chicago whilst the other sold at Christie’s Auction House for $149,000 in 2015 and is in a private collection. 


We are joined by Barbara Venkataraman, author of the Jaimie Quinn Mystery series. You can follow her at the following link:   Her Jaime Quinn Mystery series is currently available free on Amazon Kindle. 



Opening Credits; Introduction (.51); ); Forming the Plot (8.22); Plot Synopsis (9.40); Book Thoughts (15.01); Final Thoughts (55.11); Introducing a Film (1:00.07); Film Trailer (1:00.57);  Lights, Camera, Action (1:03.17); End Credits (1:30.21); Closing Credits (1:31.28)


Opening Credits:  Classical Jingle by Dan Hughes


Closing Credits – Forever Young  by Laura Branigan – taken from the album Hold Me.  Copyright 1985 Atlantic Records


Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. 


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