Episodes 16 - 25


Corrine finds out that Ingrid is her mother.  Jessica is arrested for murder.  Danny must marry Eunice. Elaine's affair takes a turn.  Burt become impenitent.  Jodie finds himself in bed with Carol.  Jessica's trial starts.  Father Tim is leaving the priesthood and we find out who may or may not have killed Peter.



Opening Credits/Introduction (1.14); Out of the Shower (15.45); Into The Tub (19.53); Washing the Dirt Away (1:03.31); Closing Credits (1:08.58); Closing Theme (1:09.41)


Opening Credits:  Soap Theme by George  Aliceson Tipton


Closing Credits:  My Family by Snoop Dogg, Karol G, Rock Mafia, Migos Taken from the album – Addams Family Soundtrack.  Copyrighted 2019 Lakeshore Records


All Rights Reserved. 


All original incidental music opened and copyrighted by the LLPodcast Productions.


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