Book:  Gulliver’s Travels

             By Jonathan Swift

Film:  The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960)


Published in 1726 as a novel to vex the world rather than divert it, this novel is about human nature and part of the traveller’s tales subgenre.  Printed several years after DeFoe’s Robinson Crusoe, the book is looked as a rebuttal to the classic novel. 


The 1960 film directed by Jack SHer (Bewitched) starred Kerwin Matthews, June Therburn, Basil Sydney and Sherry Alberoni.  This would be Ray Harryhausen second feature as science fiction wizard.  He later would be known as the king of stop motion and green screen and blend the two to work in tandem with each other.


Opening Credits; Introduction (.51); ); Forming the Plot (10.40); Plot Synopsis (11.50); Book Thoughts (17.51); Final Thoughts of the Book (!06.50); Introducing a Film (1:13.05); Film Trailer (1:14.11);  Lights, Camera, Action (1:17.31); End Credits (1:29.38); Closing Credits (1:41.41)


Opening Credits– Planet Synth by Dan Hughes


Closing Credits – Shiver Me Timbers by Bette Midler  taken from the album Songs For A New Depression .  Copyright 1976 Atlantic Records


Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. 


All rights reserved.

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