Book:  The Time Machine

             by H G Wells

Film:  The Time Machine (1960)


Published in 1895, the science fiction novella would popularize time travel using a device or a contraption.  The story shares Wells socialist political views, his views on life and abundance and contemporary angst against industrial relations. 


The 1960’s George Pal MGM film, starring Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux and Alan Young would use stop motion animation to help flourish the story.  The film was a box office success.  Pal wanted to film in London but to budgetary reasons had to settle for Culver City in California.  Interesting fact, George Pal was going to film a sequel but unfortunately, he died before production.


We are joined by Tom Diamon (LLPodcast’s Dark Shadow show), John Collado (Illustrator),  Jim Nemeth and Bob Madison (author of It Came From... The Stories and Novels Behind Classic Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Films).


You can follow John Collado via his website:


You can find more information on Jim Nemith and Bob Madison’s book via this website:



Opening Credits; Introduction (.51); ); Forming the Plot (20.21); Plot Synopsis (22.08); Book Thoughts (24.51); The Future of the Time Traveller (1:16.34); Introducing a Film (1:27.11); Film Trailer (1:28.15);  Lights, Camera, Action (1:30.42); Books To Take To The Future (2:30.10); End Credits (1:27.31); Closing Credits (2:30.42)


Opening Credits:  Classical Jingle by Dan Hughes


Closing Credits – The Future It Ain’t What It Used To Be by Pandora’s Box  from the album Original Sing.  Copyright 1989 EMI Import


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