Episodes 9 - 16


Jodie goes for a sex change operation.  Jessica finds out that Chester is having an affair.  Peter is murdered.  Eunice is having sex with a Congressman.  The Campbells and Tates speculate on who killed Peter.  Danny breaks in to the mob house to be accosted by Elaine the sex starve daughter of the mob boss.  


Opening Credits/Introduction (1.14); Out of the Shower (22.32); Into The Tub (27.05); Washing the Dirt Away (1:07.42); The Dry Cycle (1:23.11); Closing Credits (1:24.26)


Opening Credits:  Soap Theme by George  Aliceson Tipton


Closing Credits:  Family by Dolly Parton Taken from the album – Eagle When She Flies.

Copyrighted 1991 Columbia Music/Butterfly Music


All Rights Reserved. 


All original incidental music opened and copyrighted by the LLPodcast Productions.

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