Book:  Call of the Wild

             By Jack London

Film:  Call of the Wild (1934)


Published in 1903, this short adventure novel would tell the story of a Buck, who is stolen from his home and sold into the service of being a sled dog.  The story would first be serialised in 1903 in the Saturday Evening Post and later put together as a novel in 1904.


The film directed by William A Wellman and starring Clark Gable, Loretta Young and Jack Oakie would omit all the storylines but one.  The film would be a box office success and be the last film released by 20th Century before merging with Fox to become 20th Century Fox.  The film would later be recognised as the film that Clark Gable impregnated Loretta Young whom gave birth to their illegitimate daughter Judy.


We are joined by C. Derrick Cloud-Miller who joins us to discuss his new novel and join in on his love of Call of the Wild. You can listen to him on his podcast – Butterflies Make Me Angry at the following site:  and don’t forget to check out his new book Starving Zoey at  and his other podcast American Justice Podcast:  or check out his website at:


Opening Credits; Introduction (.51); Story Geeks – What to Watch This Week (11.56); Plot Synopsis (16.37); Forming the Plot (20.35); Final Thoughts of Book (1:22.22); Death Of A Bounty Hunter (1:33.30); Introducing a Film (1:35.07); Film Trailer (1:35.45);  Lights, Camera, Action (1:37.02); Epilogue (2:00.02); End Credits (2:09.44); Closing Credits (2:11.09)


Opening and Closing Credits– Classical Jingle by Dan Hughes


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