Episodes 1- 8


Benson has problems with Chester, Jessica is having an affair, Jody is gay and in love with a football star.  Danny is employed by the mob.  Burt.  Corrine is in love with a priest.  Danny must kill Burt.  Chuck and Bob come to live with the Campbells.


Opening Credits/Introduction (1.14); Story Geek – What to watch during the COVID19 crisis (9.29); Out of the Shower (12.39); Into The Tub (15.42); Washing the Dirt Away (18.49); Death Of A Bounty Hunter Ad (1:09.51); Lathering Up (1:11.21); The Rinse Cycle (1:18.14); The Dry Cycle (1:25.09); Closing Credits (1:25.05)


Opening and Closing Credits:  Soap Theme by George  Aliceson Tipton


All Rights Reserved. 


All original incidental music opened and copyrighted by the LLPodcast Productions.

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