Book:  Treasure Island

             by Robert Louis Stevenson

Film:    Treasure Island (1950)


First published as a serial in the children’s magazine Young Folks from 1881 – 1882 and later as a book in 1883, this is considered the first coming of age novel and is noted for its atmosphere, characters and action.


In 1950, Disney studios would film an adaption directed by Byron Haskins and starring Bobbie Driscoll and Robert Newton.  This would be Disney’s first completely live action and first screen adaption of Treasure Island in color.  Filmed in entirely in England, the film would be released on home video with nine minutes cut to ensure it received a G rating but has since been released on video in its uncut format. 


Opening Credits; Introduction (.51); Story Geeks – What to Watch This Week (9.02); Plot Synopsis (12.15); Forming the Plot (13.36); Book Thoughts (18.19); Final Thoughts of Book (44.17); Introducing a Film (52.10); Film Trailer (52.44);  Lights, Camera, Action (54.51); Epilogue (1:10.21); End Credits (1:21.59); Closing Credits (1:22.51)


Opening and Closing Credits– Classical Jingle by Dan Hughes


Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. 


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