Vertigo (1958)


This American film noir psychological thriller from directed Alfred Hitchcock is based on the novel D’entre les Morts (From Among The Dead) by Boileau-Narcejac.  The film would cast James Stewart and Kim Novak in the lead roles.


It is the first film to use the dolly-zoom  (camera effect to distort perspective to give a dizzying effect) which is now known as the Vertigo effect.  The film used extensive on location shooting in San Francisco and would become a love letter to this American city. 


The final script would be written by Samuel A Taylor (Sabrina Fair, Legend).  Critics have interpreted Vertigo variously as "a tale of male aggression and visual control; as a map of female Oedipal trajectory; as a deconstruction of the male construction of femininity and of masculinity itself; as a stripping bare of the mechanisms of directorial, Hollywood studio and colonial oppression; and as a place where textual meanings play out in an infinite regress of self-reflexivity.


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Opening Credits (.20); Introduction (5.50); Forming the Plot (10.05); Commercial Break (25.02); Film Trailer (26.02); Prologue (29.10); Lights, Camera, Action (30.28); Epilogue (1:21.26); End Credits (1:23.28); Closing Credits (1:25.10)


Opening Credits:  Prelude and Rooftops from the soundtrack Vertigo composed by Bernard Herrmann


Closing Credits: Love and Fear – by Imelda May– Taken from the album Life Love Flesh Blood


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