Monty Python’s The Life of Brian (1979)


Written by Monty Python (Graham Young, John Cleece, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Gillam and Terry Jones) and directed by Terry Jones, this would end up being one of the most successful films of 1979.


After completing and releasing their film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, they were debating on what their next project would be. As they had a distrust for organised religion.  Looking at Jesus as not a comical feature and what Jesus is known for and spoke was not exactly comedy material but what about mistaken identity.  This would springboard The Life of Brian.  The film would be filmed in Tunsia and use most of the sets from the miniseries of Zefferelli’s Jesus of Nazereth even using most the crowd extras.


The film would court controversy and be banned in numerous countries.  Monty Python would use this in their advertising campaign to full effect. 


Saved!  (2004)                      


Directed by Brian Dannelly and written by Dannelly and Michael Urban, this film is a teen comedy touching on religion, ostracism, homophobia, teen pregnancy, divorce and disability.


The film was released with mixed reviews due to its subject matter but be successful enough to earn is cult status today.  The film has also spawned an off Broadway musical with the same name.  At the time, the film’s good reviews were from film critics whilst the Christian presses gave it negative reviews. 


The film stars Mandy Moore, Mary Louise Parker, Macaulty Caulkin, Patrick Fugit and Martin Donovan.  Love it or hated, this will be one film that will keep the controversy going.


We are joined by C. Derrick Miller, author of Taste of Home and Far From Home out now through Black Rose Writing.  You can find more information about C. Derick Miller on his Website:  or you can follow them on Twitter:  or via Facebook:  


Opening Credits (.20); Introduction (3.50); Forming the Plot (9.35); Commercial Break (17.15); Film Trailer (17.47); Outlining the Script (21.10); Scene by Scene (21.44); Forming the Plot (57.00); Commercial Break (1.00.17); Film Trailer (1.00.48); In Sequence (1:03.21); Lights, Camera, Action (1:04.02); Epilogue (1:25.47); End Credits (1:35.19); Closing Theme (1:37.12)


Opening Credits – Always Look On A Bright Side Of Life – Eric Idle from the album Monty Python’s Life of Brian - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Closing Credits – Blue Christmas – by Elvis Presley from the album Christmas with Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


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