Who Goes There? By John W Cambell (1938)/The Thing From Another World (1951) Directed by Christian Nyby


Sometimes referred as The Thing, this 1951 black and white picture from Howard Hawkes is a true cult picture.  Directed by Charles Nyby with a script by Charles Lederer (Gentleman Prefer Blonds, Front Page, His Girl Friday) and it is based on short story Who Goes There by John W Campbell.


The film reflects a post-Hiroshima scepticism about science and a negative view on scientists who meddle with things that should be left alone.  The film was a surprise hit and would in later years be added to the Library Congress as a film that is culturally important.


The film stars James Arness, , Margaret Sheldon, Kenneth Tobey and Robert Cornthwaite.  This film is considered one of the best science fiction horror films of the 1950’s.


We are joined by Steven L Kent and Nicholas Kaufmann (authors of 100 Fathoms Below) available at all good book stores.


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Opening Credits (.20); Introduction (2.22); Forming the Plot (10.01); Page to Page (11.31); Commercial Break (35.46); Film Trailer (36.24); Infomercial Break (37.54);    Commercial Break (38.37); Lights, Camera, Action (39.19); Epilogue (1:25.15); End Credits (1:28.16); Closing Credits (1:31.09)


Opening Credits:  Theme From The Thing From Another World – From the motion picture soundtrack The Thing From Another World – by Dimitri Tiomkin

Closing Credits: It Came From Outer Space – by Photon Tropodoes – Taken from the album It Came From Outer Space

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