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Episode 50 - 65 Burt is abducted and trying to find his way home.  Elaine is having an affair on Dutch and he is suspicious.  Corrine and Tim break up...View Details

Episode 34 - 49   Mary and Burt’s marriage is in tethers over secrets and lies.  Danny loses his beloved Elaine.  Jody loses custody of his child.  Co...View Details

Season 5 is here and we have some great stuff coming your way as we celebrate our fifth year.  We thought we would start off our new season with a Get...View Details

Episodes 26 - 33 ​ Chester attempts suicide and goes to jail.  Chester gets bullied by Dutch.  Burt may or may not be having an affair.  Jodi moves in...View Details

The Dinah Manoff Interview   Dinah Manoff was born in New York City, New York, to screenwriter Arnold Manoff and actress, director and writer Lee Gran...View Details

SOAP ​ Episodes 16 - 25   Corrine finds out that Ingrid is her mother.  Jessica is arrested for murder.  Danny must marry Eunice. Elaine's affair take...View Details

SOAP​ ​ Episodes 9 - 16   Jodie goes for a sex change operation.  Jessica finds out that Chester is having an affair.  Peter is murdered.  Eunice is h...View Details

SOAP ​ Episodes 1- 8   Benson has problems with Chester, Jessica is having an affair, Jody is gay and in love with a football star.  Danny is employed...View Details

We interview Jennifer Salt, who played Eunice Tate in SOAP, and the films, Sisters, Hi Mom, The Wedding Party and many others. She is now the writer a...View Details

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