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Godzilla (1954)   This Japanese classic released in 1954 is about a huge monster who comes alive during a fear of nuclear holocaust during a post-war ...View Details

  Ticks (1993)   Directed by Tony Randel and starring Seth Green, Ami Dolenz and Clint Howard, the film was direct to video which found its cult audie...View Details

The Attack of the 50ft Woman (1954)   The 1958 science fiction film directed by Nathan H Juran and starring Allison Hayes, William Hudson and Yvette V...View Details

The Day After (1983)   An American television film that broke viewing figures with more than 100million people (39 million households) watched upon it...View Details

Night of the Living Dead (1968)   Directed by George Romero and starring Duane Johnson and Judith O’Dea, would give rise to the independent horror.  T...View Details

Color Out of Space (2019)   Richard Stanley's directorial comeback and based on a short story of HP Lovecraft, The Color Out of Space is a truly origi...View Details

Mad Max (1979)   Directed by George Miller and starring Mel Gibson, this Australian dystopian action thriller would take the world by surprise.  Prese...View Details

28 Days Later (2002)   Directed by Danny Boyle and starring Cillian Murphy, Charles Eccelston, Brendon Gleeson and Naomi Harris, this British apocalyp...View Details

We are joined by the incredible cast and crew of this modern classic film that once viewed will become a holiday classic to live out through the years...View Details

The Toxic Avenger – The Musical (2018)   Based on the 1984 film with book written by Joe diPetro with music by David Bryan, both would write the lyric...View Details

We interview Ellory Elkayem, director and scriptwriter of Eight Legged Freaks, Larger than Life and two films from the Return of the Living Dead franc...View Details

Them! (1954)   This 1954 black and white film directed by Gordon Douglas and starring James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn and James Arness would be the first...View Details

The Children (1980)   The low budget horror film directed by Carlton J Albright, tells the tale of five children infected by a yellow cloud that turns...View Details

The Toxic Avenger (1984)     An American superhero black comedy splatter film, the film was directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Hertz and written by...View Details

Stanley Lloyd Kaufman never really wanted to make movies, but wanted to work in Broadway musicals. During his years in Yale, though, he got introduced...View Details

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