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Season 3 – Episodes 8 – 15 Diaper Dan is an undercover spy. Aunt Clara causes a blackout. Samantha and Darrin bicker over a sports jacket. Endora hexe...View Details

Season 2 Episode 38Season 3 Episode 1 – 7 Tabitha uses her magic for the first time. Aunt Clara comes to babysit unaware that Tabitha is using her mag...View Details

Season 2:  Episodes 29 – 37   Samantha disappears intermittently.   Samantha gets blackmailed by a private detective for using her powers.  Samantha m...View Details

Season 2 Episodes 21 -28   Darrin knocks out a heavy weight champ.  Endora gives Tabitha a teddy bear that magically dances.  Endora gives Darrin thre...View Details

Season 2 – Episodes 13 - 20   Endora gives a teddy bear to Darrin who thinks it maybe Larry.  Endora gives Darrin a statue that makes people tell the ...View Details

Season 5 is here and we have some great stuff coming your way as we celebrate our fifth year.  We thought we would start off our new season with a Get...View Details

Season 2.  Episodes 9 - 12   Samantha writes a play about the American Civil War.  Endora turns Darrin into an 8 year old boy.  Aunt Clara’s old boyfr...View Details

Season 2.  Episodes 5 - 8   Uncle Arthur makes a house call.  Samantha loses her powers after becoming ill.  Endora turns herself into a little girl a...View Details

Season 2.  Episodes 1 – 4.   Samantha finds out she is pregnant.  Darren starts to neglect Samantha. Darren’s old army buddy is a victim of a 300 year...View Details

Season 1.  Episodes 33 - 36.   Endora changes Darrin’s face.  Darrin blames Samantha for backing the wrong candidate.  Samantha helps promote Mario’s....View Details

Season 1.  Episodes 29 - 32   Samantha convinces Gladys that she has ESP.  Darren spends time with sexy Dora D D Danger O’Reilly, sister of Pleasure O...View Details

Season 1.  Episodes 25 - 28.   Pleasure O'Riley moves in next door, creating friction between Darrin and Samantha.  Samantha takes driving lessons.  A...View Details

Season 1.  Episodes 21 - 24.   Samantha turns a Siamese cat into Ling Ling.  Darren sees a 300 year old painting that looks like Samantha.  Samantha h...View Details

Season 1.  Episodes 17 - 20.   Darrin receives the gift of witchcraft.  Darrin suspects a sexy model’s cat is Samantha.  Endora turns on the charm whe...View Details

BEWITCHED:   Season 1.  Episodes 13 - 16   Samantha plays matchmaker to two very different people.  Samantha meets Darren’s parents.  Samantha and Dar...View Details

Season 1.  Episodes 9 - 12.   Samantha and Endora go for lunch in Paris and meet Larry and Louise.  Samantha’s father comes to call.  Endora sends a g...View Details

BEWITCHED: Season 1.  Episodes 5 - 8.   Samantha offers to help Darren with his soup campaign much to his annoyance.  Samantha helps a neighbourhood b...View Details

BEWITCHED:  Season 1 Episodes 1 - 4   Starting with the pilot episode which begins the tale of a witch marrying a mortal and television comedy gold i...View Details

Book:  The Passionate Bride (1941) by Thorne Smith ​ Film:  I Married A Witch (1942) ​ Directed by Rene Clair and starring Fredric March, Veronica Lak...View Details

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